Bird symposium:
Bird theme conducted an online symposium from 26-27th March 2021. The symposium was a two-day virtual event hosted on a combination of Slack, Zoom, and live-streamed on youtube. There were 19 invited talks and 16 contributed posters at the symposium, discussing the “Future of bird monitoring in India” on the last day – open to all participants. Birds are important indicator taxa for monitoring ecosystem health. They are ubiquitous, easily detectable, and easy to monitor as compared to some other taxa. Monitoring studies, in general, are crucial for detecting changes on time and effective management of ecosystems if need be. Long-term ecological monitoring is important for detecting changes in ecosystems and understanding the drivers of these changes. The symposium included talks, poster presentations, discussions on various topics such as inadequate training, permissions, motivation, communication, attention towards lesser studied taxa, and diversity inclusion.